A Letter From Ann

Dear Friends, Loved Ones and Prayer Warrior,
My heart is so torn in rejoicing that my husband is celebrating before the Lord and my own selfishness for wishing he was still by my side. After he passed, I sat on the bed cradling him in my arms and said aloud to God, "You rose Lazarus, show the world your power and bring my husband back!" The moment I said the words I laughed at my own selfishness. Why would he ever want to return to this earthly toil and why would I want him to? Lazarus never enetered heaven because Christ hadn't opened the gates. I knew then that I truly had to rejoice in Paul's glory, but I will miss his beautiful smile, twinkling eyes and strong arms of my love around me every minute of every day for as long as I live.

I mourn that my unborn child will never know how incredible, joyful and loving his/her father was. My little ones memories may fade to soft, sweet vague images. I want them to know how incredible their father was and how he impacted the world by his crazy antics, humble prayer life and beautiful endless love for all around him.

I want my babies to know those stories. So many of them have been shared here, even just the beautiful comments on all the incredible pictures. If any one would like to type up a few favorite stories, memories or reflections of Paul or print out any pictures of him that I can compile into scrapbooks for the kids, I would greatly apprecate it. They can be brought to the funeral or mailed to us. 

The Coakley Kids
C/O David Brindle 
P.O. Box 1948
Lewisburg, TN 37091

Thank you all so much! Again, your love and prayers are truly sustaining my broken heart and helping me rejoice in my husband's glory! As Paul literally sang out numerous times before his death, "To HIM be the glory!!!!"