Updates from Eck (part 3)


by Jason & Katie Eck (on behalf of many friends and family!)

Greetings, generous Paul supporters! It has been an eventful few days-there are truly updates coming faster than we can keep up. Today, a page called: "Team Paul and Ann Coakley" was launched on Facebook to help streamline the updates, and encourage sharing of support and prayer for Paul and Ann. You're encouraged to stop by that page as often as possible! 
Additionally, for those who have inquired about helping with the house, there is a Group on Facebook called "Team Coakley: House Project." 

Here is the latest update from Annie Coakley-we were overjoyed for Paul that he was able to have his family from DC, Texas, and California there today, as well as his children, before starting radiation. 

5pm CST: Paul is beginning his first round of targeted radiation to one of the areas of tumors on Paul's brain. Pray that he stays strong. He was able to see our babies and all of his siblings except Christiana Warmerdam (who is home sick with Bronchitis, so please keep her in your prayers). He's exhausted, but so happy to have had time with our family. We have been beyond overwhelmed by the outpouring of love & prayers.You all will never know how grateful we are for each of you! God bless! Blessed Margaret of Castello, pray for us!

God bless you all!