Updates from Eck (part 2)


by Jason & Katie Eck (on behalf of many friends and family!)


We headed to Tennessee last Thursday through Saturday to visit Paul and Ann at Vanderbilt University Medical Hospital in Nashville, as well as assess the needs of the house on the family farm in Lewisburg. 

The house needs more work than we anticipated (see video and pictures posted, including a picture of little Damian showing Jason pictures of the house's evolution taken by Mrs. Brindle). There is an entire second floor to the house that Ann and Paul weren't planning on making livable in order to get into the house quickly, but it needs to be done-it is unsafe.

The house is 100+ years old, and the amount of work that Ann's brothers, her father, and Paul have already completed is really incredible, but there is so much more!

We are soliciting donations from some national brands, and will have a list of items that we publicize here that are needed for the house.

In addition, we are raising the fund another $10,000 to support these efforts. Plans for the work are being finalized today and will be communicated via Facebook, and here.

Please continue to pray for Paul and Ann. Paul has been admitted to the hospital "indefinitely" and is experiencing persisting, and sometimes criplling, pain from the tumors in his lungs. He and Ann are an absolute inspiration--they are finding peace in their faith, and trust that everything is in God's hands, as always.

Your generosity, and what this is making possible is bringing them joy! Paul said "I can't wait for everyone to come work on the house-it's going to be so awesome!!" They also commented on how reading comments here and on the other site have been lifting their spirits, so please know that your prayers and your notes have meant the world to them.