Updates from Eck Part 1


by Jason & Katie Eck (on behalf of many friends and family!)

First, thank you for your prayers, and words of love and support, which are bringing strength to the families, both immediate and extended. Paul and Ann appreciate the prayers above all. They are blessed to have many priests offering mass for them, friends and family offering intentions through sacrifices,and spending hours in prayer and adoration...and they feel the love!

It's hard to know that Paul is suffering. Paul has been experiencing a lot of pain and difficulty breathing over the last few days (and the coughing up of blood has continued), so his post-surgery CT scan was moved up to yesterday. The family is thanking God that the scan showed no additional cancer growth outside of the lungs, which they already knew about. Now they can focus on the plan of action that the doctors will be prescribing in the next week or so to attack the lungs (And intend to travel home for David Coakley's wedding, as they've had planned for weeks!).

Second, thank you for your financial support! Ann has said that knowing of this site, and the other fund which we started with, has provided some peace of mind for them, and is one less weight on Paul's shoulders. The more we can help relieve them of any additional stress and worry, the better!

Between the two fundraising sites, your generosity has raised over $20,000 in four days! We are almost to our minimum goal, and hope to start exceeding the goal by the one week mark, as we keep learning of additional expenses they will face.

Keep the prayers coming!! And please keep sharing this fund!
And....THANK YOU!!!!!